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Dog-friendly breweries and tap rooms in Toronto

Dog lovers across the city are always looking for places they can take their furry friends to – and that includes dog-friendly patios and breweries!

The Ontario Regulations and Statutes in force as of Jan. 1, 2020 have adjusted some laws under the Health Protection and Promotion Act to make patios more accessible for dogs. This has implemented an education to inform business owners on proper mandated health and safety restrictions in order to make Toronto patios, indoor breweries, cider houses and wineries more accessible for man’s best friend.

The Act outlined more relaxed restrictions for business owners in outdoor and indoor food premises, where the food is “low-risk.” Meaning in spots where pre-packaged foods and beverages are served.

Some of the city’s craft breweries have already adopted these principles. Here are five of the city’s dog-friendly breweries: