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Henderson to auction off Jack Layton’s bike to raise money for Cycle Toronto

As part of national bike month, Henderson has always made the Ides of June a bike themed beer. This year we’ve partnered up with Cycle Toronto and city councillor Mike Layton to celebrate the contribution to riding in Toronto that Jack Layton had before he moved on to the National stage. As an alderman in Ward 6, Jack was the first to put forward the idea of making riding in the city a little bit better, and was on the team that developed the post and ring bike lock-ups that we have today. Friday June 14 we will be holding a live auction in parallel with the beer launch to raise money for Cycle Toronto. The GT Transit Express, which was Jack’s primary mode of transportation, is ready to ride thanks to the help of Sweet Pete’s bike shop on Bloor, and will be custom set up for the buyer. The event starts at 6:00 with the auction going live at 6:30.

Jack’s GT Transit Express hangs from the rafters in the Henderson Tap Room