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The Henderson Cup

The Henderson Cup began with a home brew; the first one ever brewed by GM and co-founder Steve Himel in the late 80’s. The brew that led him to become at brewer at The Don Valley Brewing Company in 1989 and go on to help open Henderson in 2016. The Cup was introduced to recognize the creativity, experimentation and inventiveness of home brewers. Each year, the Henderson Cup winner will get the opportunity to brew the winning beer at Henderson as part of our Ides Series. The Ides of February every year will be the winning home brew.

Judging for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 contests has been organized by GTA Brews! They’ve helped us by managing the submissions and initial judging and selecting the top dozen homebrews in Toronto before passing them on to us to choose the winner of the Henderson Cup. We hope to continue working with them well into the future, as their participation has been essential to the success of the prize.

The winning homebrewer collaborates with us on a unique recipe and participates in a brew day here at the brewery. They then have year-long bragging rights and get their name placed on this antique trophy from 1939, won in a bowling tournament and held in the Henderson Family for over 75 years.

The winners include: Ed Hitchcock – 2016. Mike Vandervoort – 2017. Marcelo Paniza – 2018